S1 E6 ∙ The Return ∙

For years, the remains of Yagan, an Indigenous Noongar warrior, were missing in the UK. The search for Yagan and the fight to bring him back to Australia is one of history's wildest detective stories.

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S1 E1 · Jewel of Denial

Discover the true history of the Koh-i-Noor diamond, which sits at the heart of the Crown Jewels.

S1 E2 · Stoned

Discover a wild Scottish heist to steal back an object - quite literally - from the British throne.

S1 E3 · Chipped Away

Embark is on a scavenger hunt for pieces of an ancient Palestinian mosaic scattered across Australia.

S1 E4 · Shadow Boxer

British colonial forces stole a Ming Dynasty sculpture - but how did it end up in an Australian art gallery?

S1 E5 · The Crow Flies

After Chief Crowfoot signed a treaty with Queen Victoria, his personal regalia ended up in a British museum.

S1 E6 · The Return

The search for the remains of Indigenous Noongar warrior Yagan is one of history's wildest detective stories.