UKTV Play is committed to making its content as accessible as possible to all users. The following accessibility features are available on the UKTV Play website.


The UKTV Play website makes use of web accessible fonts and colours for readability. You can also zoom in on pages up to 200% with no loss of functionality.


Subtitles are available on most programmes. To switch subtitles on or off, press the subtitles button on the video player, it has a speech bubble icon. You can also search specifically for subtitled content on the A-Z page


The UKTV Play website can be navigated using a mouse, keyboard or keypad. Interactive elements have clear changes in appearance so that the user knows where they are on the page, and pages have been given a logical order to follow. There is also a 'Skip to main content' link on each page.

If you have any trouble using keyboard navigation in Safari, you may need to change your browser settings. Please visit Safari > Preferences, select the Advanced tab, then select Press Tab to highlight each item in a webpage.

Screen readers

The UKTV Play website is compatible with NVDA, VoiceOver and ChromeVox screen reading software.


We are constantly trying to improve UKTV Play and welcome any feedback. If you have any difficulty accessing UKTV Play, or suggestions for improvements, please contact us