S1 E2 ∙ Stoned ∙

Marc Fennell investigates a wild Scottish heist by a group of students over Christmas to steal back a potent and sacred object - quite literally - from the British throne.


Contains Strong Language

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S1 E1 · Jewel of Denial

Discover the true history of the Koh-i-Noor diamond, which sits at the heart of the Crown Jewels.

S1 E2 · Stoned

Discover a wild Scottish heist to steal back an object - quite literally - from the British throne.

S1 E3 · Chipped Away

Embark is on a scavenger hunt for pieces of an ancient Palestinian mosaic scattered across Australia.

S1 E4 · Shadow Boxer

British colonial forces stole a Ming Dynasty sculpture - but how did it end up in an Australian art gallery?

S1 E5 · The Crow Flies

After Chief Crowfoot signed a treaty with Queen Victoria, his personal regalia ended up in a British museum.

S1 E6 · The Return

The search for the remains of Indigenous Noongar warrior Yagan is one of history's wildest detective stories.