S1 E4 ∙

One of Advanced Nurse Practitioner Caroline's patients is deteriorating rapidly and she must make a very difficult call to his wife to explain the perilous situation.

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S1 E1

Paediatric nurse Mahbuba treats a girl with a brain tumour.

S1 E2

Paediatric nurse Mahbuba deals with an emergency - a baby who can't breathe.

S1 E3

Renal nurse Neil treats a 19-year-old whose kidney transplant is failing.

S1 E4

Advanced Nurse Practitioner Caroline's patient is deteriorating rapidly.

S1 E5

Renal nurse Neil treats a dialysis patient with a blood clot on the brain.

S1 E6

In Paediatrics, Mahbuba treats a two-year-old with a high temperature.

S1 E7

Paediatric nurse Mahbuba is called to an emergency with a toddler gasping for breath.

S1 E8

Cardiac nurse Rebecca cares for a man whose organs are failing.

S1 E9

Caroline treats an unvaccinated Covid patient who's been in a coma for weeks.

S1 E10

Matron Hazera is called to save a person standing on the edge of a building.