One Born Every Minute

Documentary series where cameras record the day-to-day activity in a maternity hospital.

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All episodes for series 2 of One Born Every Minute

S2 E1

Two teenage sweethearts await the birth of their baby.

S2 E2

Kate, who thought she would only ever have cats, waits to deliver. Tendayi is high on life

S2 E4

One expectant father is unable to be contacted after his girlfriend's labour progresses.

S2 E6

A woman prepares for a hypno-birth and one dad will miss his baby's birth.

S2 E7

Older mother Hayley and teen mum Kaycey have different approaches to childbirth.

S2 E8

Mum-of-one Hayley is about to give birth for the fourth time, after a number of tragedies.

S2 E10

Petite mum Oakley gives birth to a big baby and Carol may suffer complications.

S2 E12

A woman booked in for a Caesarean section must be induced 48 hours early.