One Born Every Minute

Documentary series where cameras record the day-to-day activity in a maternity hospital.

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S1 E1

First-time mother Lisa is frightened when she learns she will need a Caesarian section.

S1 E2

Sam is finding the pain of labour too much to bear, while Joy waits for hers to start.

S1 E3

Andreia arrives for a water birth and Sarah wants a natural birth for her second child.

S1 E4

Midwife Lorraine is new to the hospital, where she's yet to deliver a baby.

S1 E5

Two young pregnant women come in to the hospital at the end of unexpected pregnancies.

S1 E6

Shelagh's baby has a dramatic start. Penny and Ben do not want to know their baby's sex.

S1 E7

Anxious parents Dan and Charlie watch over the progress of their only surviving twin baby.

S1 E8

Annie and Becky are having their second baby. Young dad John met Katrina on the internet.