S1 E4 ∙

Father-of-three Chris undergoes high risk brain surgery and mental health nurse Kate is called into a police station to treat a confused woman at risk of self-harm.


Contains Mature Themes

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S1 E1

The end of Sydney's Lockout Laws spells chaos for the Emergency Department.

S1 E2

Emergency nurses fight to revive a woman in cardiac arrest.

S1 E3

Emergency nurses fight to save a man whose gone into anaphylactic shock.

S1 E4

Father-of-three Chris undergoes high risk brain surgery.

S1 E5

A 21-year-old woman is rushed to Emergency after being kicked in the face by a horse.

S1 E6

In Emergency, nurse Carly treats the broken bones of the weekend's sporting warriors.

S1 E7

A graduate midwife is put to the test.

S1 E8

A roofer has fallen three metres from a ladder and could be paralysed.

S1 E9

It's the football season, and the Emergency Department at St Vincent's is dealing with shoulder injuries.

S1 E10

The team in Emergency brace themselves for an incoming patient who jumped in front of a train.