S5 E7 ∙

Drama series about the young laird of a Highlands estate. Lexie is determined to run the estate the way her husband would have wished.


Contains Mature Themes

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S5 E1

Archie considers leaving the estate to run a New York restaurant.

S5 E2

Paul's return causes conflict and Archie begins to mistrust his brother.

S5 E3

The family are forced into a standoff with the villagers.

S5 E4

Glenbogle prepares for the annual football match against Glencampbell.

S5 E5

Archie and Paul clash when Dorothy announces she intends to build a tourist attraction.

S5 E6

The return of Archie's sister Lizzie forces him to make the biggest decision of his life.

S5 E7

A power struggle develops as Lexie takes on more responsibilities.

S5 E8

Lexie and Dorothy clash over an island in the loch and soon find themselves marooned.

S5 E9

Duncan and Jessica must decide whether to admit their feelings for each other.

S5 E10

Lexie gets a shock when a stranger from her past appears at the house.