Monarch of the Glen

A London restauranteur inherits a large Scotland estate and must try to restore it to its former glory.

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All episodes for series 3 of Monarch of the Glen

S3 E1

Archie is sure that he has finally found the answer to the estate's financial problems.

S3 E2

Stella implements a series of spending cuts and persuades Archie to fire some staff.

S3 E3

Archie must use all his powers of persuasion when Stella lands Golly in hot water.

S3 E4

Golly comes face-to-face with his past.

S3 E5

Stella and Archie come to blows over the sale of some land.

S3 E6

Stella receives a shock when her estranged husband Graham arrives.

S3 E7

Duncan and Archie trade places to stop Duncan from being shown up in front of his pen pal.

S3 E8

Hector's regimental reunion attracts unexpected attention from the police.

S3 E9

Archie organises a Midsummer's Ball to celebrate regaining control of the estate.

S3 E10

Archie and Lexie announce their engagement, but are surprised at Hector's frosty response.

S3 E11

The family struggle to come to terms with recent events.