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Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid star in the acclaimed comedy drama series about two widowed septuagenarians who rekindle a relationship that fate stole from them over sixty years ago.


Contains Mature Themes

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S1 E1

Two widowers rekindle a passionate relationship that fate stole from them decades ago.

S1 E2

Celia and Alan decide to buy an extravagant sports car instead of an engagement ring.

S1 E3

Celia and Alan's search for a wedding venue leaves them trapped in a haunted mansion.

S1 E4

Caroline and Gillian become unexpectedly close when Alan and Celia go missing all night.

S1 E5

Alan finds it hard to choose his best man, and John outs Caroline and Kate.

S1 E6

Gillian and Robbie grow closer, and Alan calls the wedding off.