S1 E6 ∙

Dramatisation of Flora Thompson's childhood memoirs. Robert takes pity on a homeless family and brings them to stay for the night, but they leave their daughter behind.

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S1 E1

Adaptation of Flora Thompson's memoir of her Oxfordshire childhood.

S1 E2

Period drama. Mrs Macey receives news that her husband Dan has escaped from prison.

S1 E3

Amos Wardup's son falls in love with the new housemaid.

S1 E4

Dorcas is thrown by the surprise arrival of a new Post Office inspector, Mr Rushton.

S1 E5

Ruby and Pearl Pratt face scandal when their vagabond father returns to town.

S1 E6

Lady Adelaide is charmed by a young homeless girl and wants to adopt her.

S1 E7

A Lark Rise man is arrested for striking his wife in a drunken rage.

S1 E8

A violent storm hits Lark Rise and Candleford. A new arrival divides opinion.

S1 E9

Queenie finds a beautiful embroidered panel on a grave.

S1 E10

It is Zillah's birthday and all her friends and locals visit the post office for a party.