S1 E3 ∙

Dorcas attempts to heal the rift between Amos Wardup and his son when the younger man declares his love for a newly-employed housemaid.

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S1 E1

Dawn French stars in this adaptation of Flora Thompson's childhood memoir.

S1 E2

Mrs Macey faces the harsh tongues of the village gossips.

S1 E3

Amos Wardup's son falls in love with the new housemaid.

S1 E4

Dorcas is forced to nurse a Post Office inspector back to health.

S1 E5

Ruby and Pearl Pratt face scandal when their vagabond father returns to town.

S1 E6

When a child is abandoned by her family, Robert and Timothy try to find her a new home.

S1 E7

A Lark Rise man is arrested for striking his wife in a drunken rage.

S1 E8

A new teacher with radical political opinions divides the community.

S1 E9

Caroline tries to prove she is a changed woman after returning home from prison.

S1 E10

Dorcas and Sir Timothy share an intimate moment that leaves their friendship in jeopardy.