S1 E7 ∙

A four-year-old girl has her droopy eyelid lifted, a rugby player gets his broken nose reset and a woman has an operation on her wrist after almost a year of agony.


Contains Mature Themes

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S1 E1

Ex-Army man Mervyn has a procedure to get rid of constant back pain.

S1 E2

Laura makes a life-changing decision after suffering from post-natal depression.

S1 E3

The team tackles an operation where a patient's heart is stopped and restarted.

S1 E4

Trisha has an investigation of her womb to find out if she has cancer.

S1 E5

3-year-old Isaac has an operation on his tongue, while Lynette has several toes straightened.

S1 E6

A patient has keyhole surgery to repair his hernia.

S1 E7

A four-year-old girl has her droopy eyelid lifted.

S1 E8

Nick has an ultrasound taken to find out if he needs open-heart surgery.

S1 E9

Teenager Nathan has two twisted teeth extracted and Bob has keyhole surgery for a hernia.

S1 E10

Patient Jonathan has a camera put inside his lungs to find out if he has for cancer.