S5 E6 ∙

A young girl is reluctant to let the paramedics examine her cut head and a mature student needs medical help.

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S5 E1

Crews fight to restart a man's heart.

S5 E2

A patient whose heart has stopped for more than 15 minutes.

S5 E3

Medics treat a man who appears to be having a heart attack.

S5 E4

A girl suffers life-threatening breathing difficulties at school.

S5 E5

A teenager is in excruciating pain after falling and injuring his leg.

S5 E6

A girl is reluctant to let paramedics examine her cut head.

S5 E7

Paramedics help an 81-year-old woman with dementia.

S5 E8

A newborn baby has breathing problems and paramedics treat an elderly lady who's hit her head.

S5 E9

Paramedics help a patient who fears he's having his third heart attack.

S5 E10

Paramedics need to get a sick baby to hospital and treat a man who suffers from epilepsy.