S3 E2 ∙

Emma meets first-time mum Hannah to take her blood ahead of a planned caesarean, as well as Chenelle and Sean, who are rushed to theatre for a forceps birth.


Contains Mature Themes

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S3 E1

On her first week back, Emma is given a refresher on the jobs she'll be expected to soon carry out alone.

S3 E2

Emma meets first-time mum Hannah and takes her blood ahead of her planned caesarean.

S3 E3

Emma is asked to take more responsibility in the operating theatre.

S3 E4

Emma revisits a challenging aspect of the role - caring for a family who have lost a baby.

S3 E5

For the first time since she's been back, Emma works in the neonatal intensive care unit.

S3 E6

Emma is ready to start working in the community, caring for new mums and babies at home.

S3 E7

Emma learns how to monitor newborn babies for serious illnesses.

S3 E8

Emma has one task outstanding in her final week - a community postnatal visit on her own.