S2 E3 ∙

Emma's training steps up a gear when she's the only maternity care assistant available. A labour turns into an emergency when the baby moves into a difficult position.

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S2 E1

Emma returns to the Princess Alexandra Hospital and is asked to assist with a water birth.

S2 E2

Emma meets Sara and Jake, a newlywed couple in labour with their first baby.

S2 E3

Emma's training steps up a gear when she is the only care assistant in theatre.

S2 E4

Emma works for the first time on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

S2 E5

Emma continues her training and assists in an elective caesarian section.

S2 E6

Emma is tested during emergency training, and she witnesses her first-ever twin birth.

S2 E7

Emma meets a third-time mum who has suffered post-natal depression in the past.

S2 E8

It's Emma's final week - has she done enough to become a fully qualified MCA?