S5 E3 ∙

The team helps a biker critically injured in a crash, and a man vanishes after going for a swim in a Pennines lake, sparking a major rescue operation.


Contains Mature Themes

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S5 E1

A woman plunges 10ft through the floorboards of her Sheffield home in a freak accident.

S5 E2

There's a major rescue operation on the M1 after a car towing a caravan rolls over.

S5 E3

The team helps a biker critically injured in a crash.

S5 E4

A dangerous driver in a pick-up truck causes carnage when his vehicle rolls over.

S5 E5

A teenage dare leads to a massive rescue operation.

S5 E6

A truck drives through the barrier of a busy motorway and hits a BMW head-on.

S5 E7

It's a race against time to dig out a man buried under three tonnes of soil.

S5 E8

The team are called to a major fire in a chemicals factory.

S5 E9

The team are called in to save the survivors of a fatal crash.

S5 E10

A police pursuit ends in a crash when a car driven by teenage joyriders plunges into a deep ditch.