S4 E5 ∙

A car being pursued by police crashes and HART are called to treat a passenger trapped in her seat with serious injuries. Meanwhile, floodwaters swamp a Yorkshire town.

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S4 E1

On Hull docks, the team are called in after asylum seekers are found in a cargo container.

S4 E2

There's a serious crash in the fog and the team work to free a trucker trapped in his cab.

S4 E3

A biker riding without a helmet crashes and the team launch a desperate fight to save his life.

S4 E4

A Lamborghini supercar bursts into flames, leaving two passengers with serious injuries.

S4 E5

A car being pursued by police crashes and HART must treat a passenger trapped in her seat.

S4 E6

A horse rider is hit by a car, leaving both her and her horse with serious injuries.

S4 E7

The HART paramedics race to rescue the passenger of a car involved in a high speed crash.

S4 E8

A high speed crash leaves a woman seriously injured and trapped in her crumpled car.

S4 E9

Paramedics race to help a man who has been stabbed in the back with a screwdriver.

S4 E10

A man is left with a metal spike impaled in his face after a traumatic incident on a construction site.