S3 E9 ∙

The teams stand by for casualties as police launch an armed raid on the home of a wanted man. A minibus carrying children with special needs is in collision with a stolen car.

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S3 E1

Staff are scrambled to a block of flats after an explosion.

S3 E2

The team joins a massive search for a missing aeroplane pilot and passenger.

S3 E3

The medics treat the victim of a stabbing at a meat plant.

S3 E4

The medics spring into action when a cyclist plunges down a cliff in a freak accident.

S3 E5

A landslip at a construction site traps a worker under tons of earth.

S3 E6

A car crash victim has to be put into an induced coma at the roadside.

S3 E7

The response teams rush to save the life of a 21-year-old man.

S3 E8

A doctor is left fighting for his life after a head-on collision with a truck.

S3 E9

A minibus carrying children with special needs collides with a stolen car.

S3 E10

A student captures his dad's mountain bike accident on camera.