S3 E6 ∙

A program set up by the Special Operations Executive, the forerunner to MI6, to undermine German and Japanese officers by spraying them with a foul-smelling substance.


Contains Mature Themes

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S3 E1

Bizarre events during wartime, including a Nazi anti-gravity device.

S3 E2

A Japanese secret society's repeated attempts to kill Charlie Chaplin.

S3 E3

The fate of the world's first tank, which failed to make it onto the battlefield.

S3 E4

A German pilot who saved the crew of an American B-17 bomber.

S3 E5

Brutal experiments carried out by the Nazis in an attempt to create an Aryan master race.

S3 E6

A plan to spray German and Japanese officers with a foul-smelling substance.

S3 E7

The story of Herman Goering's younger brother, who found himself shunned due to his name.

S3 E8

A daring plan devised by the inmates of the Death Camp at Sobibor.