S5 E2 ∙ Misery ∙

Classic sitcom. When Caroline sprains her ankle and is laid up in bed, she becomes alarmed by Charlie's possessive behaviour.

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S5 E2 · Misery

Classic sitcom. Caroline sprains her ankle and becomes alarmed by Charlie's subsequent possessive behaviour.

S5 E3 · Cheers

Classic sitcom. Joanna is allowed to go to a party, but she gets drunk and becomes very ill as a consequence.

S5 E4 · Duck Soup

Someone has shot Caroline's biggest client, and Charlie and Laura have some explaining to do.

S5 E5 · Minder

Classic sitcom. Charlie repays a favour owed to an old friend by taking their unruly daughter on as a helper.

S5 E6 · Wheel of Fortune

Classic sitcom. When Laura is stood up, Charlie takes her and Caroline to a casino as she originally planned.

S5 E11 · The Porridge Diet

Classic sitcom. When Nick is released from prison, Caroline invites him to stay as he has nowhere else to go.

S5 E13 · Full House

Classic sitcom. Charlie messes things up when Al goes flat hunting, and Caroline markets a new soft drink.