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When Sam comes to the rescue of a customer, a misunderstanding threatens his career and The Paradise's reputation.

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S1 E1

Denise struggles with her new job at The Paradise but catches the eye of its owner.

S1 E2

A customer threatens the reputation of The Paradise, and Denise shines in Moray's eyes.

S1 E3

An unexpected discovery in ladieswear causes ripples throughout the store.

S1 E4

Miss Audrey develops a mysterious illness, provoking a rivalry between Denise and Clara.

S1 E5

Moray tries to buy the barber shop next door, with disastrous consequences.

S1 E6

Will Denise's secret spell the end of her career at the Paradise?

S1 E7

Denise rises to her biggest challenge yet, and Katherine sets out to prove her worth.

S1 E8

With his wedding day approaching, Moray has a big decision to make.