S1 E8 ∙

Tom Allen hosts the comedy game show. It's finale time - who will be crowned the winner, and are some of their choices about to come back and haunt them?


Contains Strong Language and Mature Themes

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S1 E1

Game show hosted by Tom Allen. Four comedians start their battle to construct four dream desert islands.

S1 E2

The panel choose a favourite endangered animal, and nature presenter Michaela Strachan is a special guest.

S1 E3

It's time for the comedians to design their flag, choose a house band, and make one thing free to islanders.

S1 E4

The comedians are choosing a mode of transport, a national sport, and a national anthem to sing before it.

S1 E5

The islands are finally getting theme parks, but what theme will they choose? Toast is also on the agenda.

S1 E6

It's time for the comedians to put their forgery skills to the test as they recreate classic works of art.

S1 E7

Comedy game show. The islanders have enough stuff to put on their island, so now it's time to ban something.

S1 E8

Comedy game show. It's finale time - who will be named the winner, and will some of their choices haunt them?