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Long-running drama with the bobbies and detectives at London's Sun Hill police station.

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S28 E5 · The Bill

Meadows and the team continue their search for a young athlete's killer.

S28 E6 · The Bill

The remains of a woman are found in a park, and her family all become suspects.

S28 E7 · The Bill

The Sun Hill team discovers more dead bodies. Are they on the hunt for a serial killer?

S28 E8 · The Bill

Sun Hill's finest try to catch a serial killer, but do they have the right suspect?

S28 E9 · The Bill

A cab driver is found unconscious and two young women are the prime suspects.

S28 E10 · The Bill

Roberts and Gayle find an unconscious man several streets away from an attempted burglary.

S28 E13 · The Bill

Carter and Nixon carry on looking for a killer after his latest victim dies in hospital.

S28 E14 · The Bill

The Sun Hill team are in pursuit of a drug dealer when his accomplice injures a woman.

S28 E16 · The Bill

Pursued by a threatening drug dealer, a woman jumps off a bridge into the Thames.

S28 E17 · The Bill

A woman is found at the bottom of some stairs, and her husband is suspected of abuse.

S28 E19 · The Bill

After a police sting some money goes missing and an officer is acting suspiciously.

S28 E23 · The Bill

After dealing with a pupil who has taken ecstasy, the team uncover a ring of drug dealers.

S28 E25 · The Bill

After a man is found with serious head injuries, a school pupil falls under suspicion.

S28 E27 · The Bill

Strange paintings on the walls of a school lead to a young girl who is suffering abuse.

S28 E29 · The Bill

A man is found with head injuries and there are differing descriptions of his attacker.

S28 E31 · The Bill

The team try to work out the connection between a kidnapping and an armed robbery.

S28 E32 · The Bill

A robbery at jewellery shop leads CID to an escaped convict on the run for murder.

S28 E33 · The Bill

Detectives suspect the death of a woman may not have been as simple as a burglary.

S28 E35 · The Bill

Before being promoted, DI Nixon has one last case that she is desperate to solve.

S28 E37 · The Bill

A drugs factory has links to the son of Detective Chief Inspector Jack Meadows.

S28 E39 · The Bill

The Sun Hill staff probe a disturbing cover-up following an assault at a nightclub.

S28 E40 · The Bill

The officers hope to find evidence to nail two villains when investigating a fire at a bar

S28 E42 · The Bill

Smithy is attacked by a man in a car park but decides not to inform his colleagues.

S28 E43 · The Bill

The officers receive training on how to handle a riot after a previous mission fails.

S28 E44 · The Bill

Mr Devlin is due in court and he makes some damaging accusations about Smithy.

S28 E46 · The Bill

Part two of two. The assault case becomes murder when one of the victims dies.

S28 E54 · The Bill

Part one of two. Jo persuades an ex-prostitute to help her catch a big-time drug dealer.

S28 E55 · The Bill

Max's key witness in the drugs case is attacked and left with serious head injuries.

S28 E56 · The Bill

A distressed 17-year-old is found traumatised after years of prolonged abuse.

S28 E58 · The Bill

Leon asks a prison officer friend to smuggle a bugged telephone into Longmarsh jail.

S28 E59 · The Bill

A frantic mother reports that her car has been stolen with her baby still strapped inside.

S28 E60 · The Bill

A shopkeeper takes matters into her own hands to tackle the menace of drug dealers.

S28 E61 · The Bill

An 18-month-old child has sustained serious head injuries under suspicious circumstances.

S28 E62 · The Bill

Grace is summoned to a Soho brothel, where a woman is holding a man at knifepoint.

S28 E63 · The Bill

A convicted murderer learns his daughter has gone missing. Pippa Haywood guest stars.

S28 E64 · The Bill

Mickey goes undercover as a homeless man after a body is found in the river.

S28 E65 · The Bill

After another night on the streets, Mickey learns a second down-and-out has been murdered.