S25 E73 ∙ Hold Feet to the Fire ∙

An abduction case leads to a hostage situation when the suspect makes a getaway on a bus - and pulls a gun on Yvonne. Terry has wonderful news from his ex-wife.


Contains Mature Themes and Violence

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S25 E1 · The Bill

DCI Jack Meadows is accused of misconduct by a prisoner on his deathbed.

S25 E8 · Spirits

Smithy tries to put on a brave face as he is led away for his hearing.

S25 E32 · Echoes - Part 2

Questioned by Sim, an 11-year-old girl admits to beating her younger sister who is fighting for her life.

S25 E34 · Neglect of Duty

A man who is arrested for criminal damage by probationary PCs Lewis Hardy and Emma Keane confesses to murder.

S25 E35 · Pursuit

A new initiative brought in by Okaro to reduce car crime uncovers a scam involving a scrap metal dealer.

S25 E62 · Salvation

Nadir comes up with a story as to why he was at the club when Louis Drake was attacked.

S25 E68 · Immunity

Casper and Fletcher find a man who has overdosed on hospital-grade morphine.

S25 E88 · Hunted

Reg and Tony are called to assist a council bailiff trying to evict a pregnant woman.