S1 E4 ∙

On the Welsh Highland Railway, trainee Claire Oates takes her driving test, while chef Alex and manager Michelle prepare a dinner for 130 people on the East Lancashire railway.

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S1 E1

Behind the scenes of three preserved steam railway lines.

S1 E2

Stephen Greig tries to ensure all goes to plan ahead of the opening of a new station.

S1 E3

At South Devon, engineer Ray Lee is working to bring a loco back in to service.

S1 E4

Trainee Claire Oates takes her driving test.

S1 E5

At the East Lancashire Railway, the annual Race the Train event gets under way.

S1 E6

Meeting the Welsh Highland Railway's oldest volunteer fireman.

S1 E7

A team of volunteers in Wales try to keep the line clear of overgrown plants.

S1 E8

In East Lancashire, volunteer Chandra Law takes on the new role of Stationmaster.

S1 E9

Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway are celebrating their annual Victorian Weekend.

S1 E10

On the Welsh Highland Railway, a Pullman carriage is on its way to Caenarfon Station.