S2 E2 ∙

Twitter-guided travels with the batty Geordie comic. In Scotland, Ross lands a part in a Braveheart-style film and does a Trainspotting runner from the Krankies and Nessie!


Contains Strong Language

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S2 E1

Ross tries to help a man who is due in court and is deluged by processed cheese.

S2 E2

Ross heads north of the border, where he lands a part in a Braveheart-style film.

S2 E3

Ross visits Northampton's famous shoe museum and unveils blue plaques with Alan Carr.

S2 E4

Ross brightens up a grandmother's day and helps jobseekers in Sussex find work experience.

S2 E5

Ross encounters multiple Chuckle Brothers and Chris de Burghs, plus arm-wrestling OAPs.

S2 E6

Ross makes his own version of Countryfile and attempts to speak Welsh with no training.