S1 E1 ∙

The journey begins and ends - where else!? - at Ricky's hometown of Liverpool, but they're on the road on the first leg of the trip, heading to some Lancashire hot-spots...

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S1 E1

Royle Family dad and son Ricky Tomlinson and Ralf Little set off from Liverpool.

S1 E2

The duo explore the beauty of Cumbria on their quest to unearth the spirit of The North.

S1 E3

Ricky and Ralf have a curry in Bradford and brave 'Dracula town' Whitby on Halloween.

S1 E4

The Royle campervan sets off for a trip to the Angel of the North and a working coal mine.

S1 E5

The duo join a top brass-band, eat high-end Yorkshire pudding, and busk with a local hero.

S1 E6

Ralf tries to conquer a childhood food fear and Ricky visits some favourite haunts.