S1 E10 ∙

Gary goes hell-for-leather organising an antiques fair - he buys some military tripods and a vintage truck grille and repurposes them as stunning pieces of furniture.

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S1 E1

Salvage reinventor Gary Wallis restores a Grenadier Guard's drum.

S1 E2

Gary Wallis reinvents an old ship's compass and a grand display cabinet into two successful transformations.

S1 E3

Gary Wallis revamps a pub's interior and visits an automobilia auction at Silverstone.

S1 E4

Gary Wallis visits Kempton Park Autojumble, where he buys a tired vintage Moto Guzzi bike and transforms it.

S1 E5

Gary Wallis has his work cut out to reinvent some unusual buys into design pieces.

S1 E6

Gary Wallis creates two formidable pieces of furniture from old treasures in a cellar.

S1 E7

Gary Wallis transforms a helicopter exhaust unit and massive rotor blades into furniture.

S1 E8

Gary Wallis transforms a vintage Bentley engine part into a light.

S1 E9

A weathervane and the wooden sides of a horse-drawn cart undergo an amazing reinvention.

S1 E10

Gary goes hell-for-leather organising an antiques fair and buys some military tripods.