S1 E2 ∙ Oslo ∙

Fearless Norwegian soapbox racers conquer Torshovdalen Park in Oslo as they try to master a treacherous water feature, a challenging berm, and a startlingly steep finish.

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S1 E1 · Melbourne

The normally tranquil streets of East Melbourne are transformed into a festival of gravity racing.

S1 E2 · Oslo

Fearless Norwegian soapbox racers try to conquer a course set in Torshovdalen Park in Oslo.

S1 E3 · Bern

45 tenacious teams of Swiss soapbox racers tackle the slopes of a Bern course that has a massive berm.

S1 E4 · Amman

Massive crowds come out as soapbox racers in Amman tackle a daunting course under the scorching Jordan sun.