S1 E5 ∙

Documentary series. The Ghan train takes 288 passengers across Australia, and there is trouble on the tracks as a vital rail line is in urgent need of repair.

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S1 E1

Documentary series. A 1.5km-long train travels one of the toughest runs in Australia.

S1 E2

Documentary series. A monster-sized freight train continues a 3000-kilometre journey through the outback.

S1 E3

Documentary series. Sugar cane driver Ray Giles battles mechanical issues in a race to get it to a mill.

S1 E4

Documentary series. A Fortescue track crew have just four hours to fix a faulty track - or risk disaster.

S1 E5

Documentary series. This episode follows the Ghan train as it takes 288 passengers across Australia.

S1 E6

Documentary series. Timetables are tight as a major rail line's closure has major repercussions.

S1 E7

Documentary series. A joyride turns ugly as a magnificent steam train is vandalised.

S1 E8

Documentary series. A traffic jam splits a town in half and causes trouble for veteran driver Bernie Baker.