S10 E4 ∙ Jack and Jill ∙

Stephen Fry poses questions about people whose names begin with `J" to Katy Brand, Sue Perkins, David Mitchell and Alan Davies.


Contains Strong Language

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S10 E5 · J-Places

Sandi Toksvig, Bill Bailey and Susan Calman offer their thoughts on J-Places.

S10 E7 · Journalism

Shappi Khorsandi, Ross Noble, Johnny Vegas and Alan Davies answer questions on Journalism.

S10 E8 · Jumble

Jo Brand, John Sessions, Dara O Briain and Alan Davies answer questions on Jumble.

S10 E9 · Jeopardy

Jeopardy is the subject taxing Julia Zemiro, Sue Perkins, Ross Noble and Alan Davies.

S10 E10 · Jungles

Greg Proops, David O'Doherty, Reginald D Hunter and Alan Davies are questioned on Jungles.

S10 E11 · Jumpers

Jumpers is the theme for Julian Clary, Ross Noble, Bill Bailey and Alan Davies.

S10 E12 · Justice

Stephen Fry dons his judge's garb for this episode on the theme of Justice.

S10 E13 · Jobs

Rippers, Willyers and Wharfingers. Will any of the guests have a clue about these Jobs?

S10 E15 · Jolly

Stephen Fry has a jolly good time with guests Julia Zemiro, Tim Vine and Rob Brydon.