S1 E8 ∙

Police Airwing try to stay undercover and on target in the Northern Territory, and a long-distance ocean rescue pushes the Rescue 510 crew to the edge.

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S1 E1

Crop-dusting ace Dennis faces extreme low-level flying in a race to complete the biggest job of the year.

S1 E2

Denis is faced with the biggest job of his career as his crop-dusting skills are put to the test.

S1 E3

Repa calls in reinforcements in a dogfight with the weather, and police pilot Rob faces a deadly traffic jam.

S1 E4

Heli-duster Brett Sommerlad contends with dangerous hazards while carrying out his job.

S1 E5

It's a case of master and apprentice when Grant teaches son Matt the dangerous game of mustering.

S1 E6

Father-and-son team Grant and Matt have difficulty with a flock of cattle, and Teagan gets trapped in a storm.

S1 E7

Tony Pattrick fires up his flying machine in a bid to save his farm, and pilot Teagan enters severe danger.

S1 E8

Police Airwing try to stay undercover in the Northern Territory, and Rescue 510 attend an ocean rescue.