S5 E10 ∙

It's time for the grand finale! The last two teams go head-to-head for the $100K prize as they serve up a 4-course menu at two of the country's most prestigious restaurants.

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S5 E1

Tonight, the competition kicks off in the harbourside city of Tauranga.

S5 E2

Can mates Matt and Kurt pull off the ultimate three-course dinner?

S5 E3

It's friends Anya and Emilie's turn to showcase their French, Russian and Korean heritage.

S5 E4

It's mother-and-son team Julie and Matthew's turn to showcase their sophisticated menu.

S5 E5

Te Puna married couple Vikki and Pascal are all set to host the final Instant Restaurant.

S5 E6

In a people's choice challenge, the teams will be cooking on BBQs in Auckland's Viaduct.

S5 E7

The teams prepare a 6-course degustation menu for Kiwi celebrities.

S5 E8

The remaining teams take over a food hall, serving top-quality street food to the public.

S5 E9

It's the semi-final, and two teams compete in a sudden death cook-off.

S5 E10

The last two teams go head-to-head for the $100K prize.