S4 E4 ∙

It's the start of the coarse fishing season, and Paul and Bob are in the Norfolk Broads to fish in some of East Anglia's most historic and celebrated waterways to celebrate.

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S4 E1

Paul and Bob visit the dazzling and extraordinary island of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides.

S4 E2

Paul and Bob fish at Burghley House near Stamford - their target is bream, but what else will they find there?

S4 E3

Paul and Bob visit the glorious Lake District, a location that still has a special place in Bob's heart.

S4 E4

Paul and Bob take to the water in the Norfolk Broads to fish for rudd at the start of a coarse fishing season.

S4 E5

Paul and Bob head to Wales on a quest to catch a new and intriguing target in the form of a 'Welsh wildie'.

S4 E6

Paul and Bob are on the mighty River Severn and fishing for the zander, one of the UK's lesser-known species.