S1 E4 ∙ Thermopylae ∙

Travelling continually as a transport conveyor, Thermopylae is a vital delivery service with companies all over the world depending on her speed, efficiency and reliability.

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S1 E1 · Saipem 7000

Saipem 7000 is the world's second largest crane vessel and can lift an enormous 14,000 tonnes.

S1 E3 · Algoma Sault

Battling harsh conditions, we follow Algoma Sault on a 2000km odyssey across the Great Lakes.

S1 E4 · Thermopylae

One of the largest Roll-on Roll-off vehicle carriers worldwide, Thermopylae can hold 8000 cars at a time.

S1 E5 · Helgafell

How do you transport fresh salmon from fish farms in the North Atlantic - the answer, MV Helgafell.