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S1 E1

Dr Tertius Lydgate arrives in town, and Dorothea Brooke marries the ageing Rev Edward Casaubon.

S1 E2

During her uneasy honeymoon in Rome, Dorothea meets Casaubon's restless young cousin Will Ladislaw.

S1 E3

Fred Vincy is anxious to learn to who Featherstone's heir is.

S1 E4

Dorothea discovers the vindictive codicil to Casaubon's will.

S1 E5

Ladislaw vows to leave Middlemarch once he learns the terms of Casaubon's will.

S1 E6

With the prospect of bankruptcy looming, the Lydgates' marriage grows increasingly bitter.

S1 E7

After Rosamond secretly steps in to deal with their financial woes, Dr Lydgate's reputation is tarnished.