S5 E2 ∙

Lucy has a nightmare on Bake Off and Gregg Wallace isn't having it, Jon has a real nightmare and Lucy makes the most of it, and UKTV want Jon and Gill to be their new star double act.


Contains Strong Language

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S5 E1

Lucy breaks into the big time after her BAFTA nomination, and UKTV want an A-list comedy name on the show.

S5 E2

Lucy has a Bake Off nightmare but Gregg Wallace isn't having it, and Jon has a nightmare that Lucy exploits.

S5 E3

Lucy makes her mark on Taskmaster but finds out that Julian Clary is a dangerous man to know.

S5 E4

Jon goes into business with old friend Adrian Chiles in a bid to save grassroots football.

S5 E5

Jon does a quiz show with Kemah Bob and upsets Alexander Armstrong, and Lucy shows a journalist her day.

S5 E6

Jon buys a field to save the planet by filling it with trees, and Lucy discovers a social media whistleblower.

S5 E7

Jon films the pilot episode of his quiz show as Lucy makes a gritty gangland film with Amanda Abbington.

S5 E8

Jon and Lucy come up with the perfect ending for the series as Lucy's 40th birthday party goes sour.