S2 E4 ∙

Today's challenge is a mystery box - with a twist.

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S2 E1

Ten celebrities have 90 minutes to cook the dish for which they were 'famous'.

S2 E2

The contestants have 75 minutes to cook their favourite comfort food.

S2 E3

Gordon Ramsay sets the first elimination challenge of the season.

S2 E4

Today's challenge is a mystery box - with a twist.

S2 E5

The celebrities compete in the team relay.

S2 E6

The contestants are cooking offsite at the Starward Whiskey Distillery in Port Melbourne.

S2 E7

The judges present sixty different ingredients - in one-inch cubes.

S2 E8

Heston Blumenthal asks the contestants to produce a dish that screams of nostalgia.

S2 E9

Today's challenge is increasing ingredients and decreasing time.

S2 E10

Today's immunity challenge is to cook along with MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo.

S2 E11

The celebrities have three hours to prepare and serve 12 dishes.

S2 E12

The celebrities must create a dish that features everything they have learned so far.

S2 E13

It's the grand finale and the chefs create a dish chosen by culinary legend Martin Benn.