S2 E10 ∙ Planet Earth ∙

Jon and guests James Acaster, Rebecca Front and Ivo Graham discuss, categorise and rank worries to do with Earth. Is the world keeping secrets from us?


Contains Strong Language

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S2 E1 · The Self

Joe Wilkinson, Lucy Beaumont and Kiri Pritchard-McClean address worries about The Self.

S2 E2 · Modern Living

Richard Osman, Jessie Cave and Darren Harriott discuss worries to do with Modern Living.

S2 E3 · Leisure Time

Russell Howard, Roisin Conaty and Lucy Beaumont discuss worries to do with Leisure Time.

S2 E4 · Health

Jon, Rob Beckett, Ed Gamble and Lou Sanders address worries concerning health.

S2 E5 · Consumerism

Lucy Beaumont, Angela Barnes and Jamali Maddix discuss concerns to do with Consumerism.

S2 E7 · The Future

Morgana Robinson, Lolly Adefope and Matt Forde address worries to do with The Future.

S2 E9 · Holidays

Tom Allen, Rosie Jones and Matt Forde address worries to do with Holidays.