S1 E3 ∙

Josh takes his British documentary team into their first typhoon, and his novice chasers face a twin threat from Typhoon Soulik, and hot on its heels - Typhoon Cimaron.

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S1 E1

Follow Josh Morgerman as he heads into the eye of some of the world's biggest and most dangerous storms.

S1 E2

Josh Morgerman continues to document the devastating effects of Hurricane Michael.

S1 E3

At the start of the season, Josh takes his documentary team into their first typhoon.

S1 E4

Josh and his documentary team are in the wake of Typhoon Cimaron in Japan.

S1 E5

Josh and the documentary team brace themselves for the arrival of Hurricane Florence.

S1 E6

Josh and Oli find an emergency shelter as Super Typhoon Mangkhut rages.

S1 E7

Film-maker James faces an agonising decision over his own safety.

S1 E8

Josh attempts to get inside Super Typhoon Yutu, the strongest storm of 2018.