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Drama set in 1920s fashion. Everyone is working long hours to complete orders that have been coming in. As tiredness turns to exhaustion, Tilly finds she's unable to cope.

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S1 E1

Period drama series. After their father's death, two sisters are forced to find work.

S1 E2

Period drama series. Beatrice has started working for photographer Jack Maddox.

S1 E3

Period drama series. Evie begins her first job, as an apprentice to a dressmaker.

S1 E4

Period drama series. Sebastian's surprise visit catches the sisters off guard.

S1 E5

Beatrice and Evie's dismissal from Duroque's has left them out of work.

S1 E6

Beatrice and Evie try to get financial backing for their business venture.

S1 E7

Beatrice and Evangeline have the task of building up clientele for their fashion house.

S1 E8

An old lover of Beatrice returns after years of silence.

S1 E9

Everyone is having to work long hours, and Tilly finds she cannot cope.

S1 E10

Beatrice and Evie have a serious disagreement, prompting Evie to move out.

S1 E11

Beatrice and Evangeline are excited when they find the theme for the new collection.

S1 E12

Beatrice launches the House of Eliott collection before that of a rival designer.