S1 E7 ∙ Intercity 125 ∙

The Intercity 125 gets an overhaul and the pressure is on to design two quick build models of the Ford Mustang in time for the summer holiday.

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S1 E1 · Merchant Navy

A perfect diecast replica of a 1940's Merchant Navy steam locomotive is the task for Hornby's design team.

S1 E4 · APT

The team at Hornby are creating a replica of the West Coast Mainline train the APT.

S1 E5 · Spitfire

Designer Paramjit Sembhi attempts to build a new version of the iconic Spitfire.

S1 E6 · Mosquito

Airfix designer Paramjit attempts to shrink an original Mosquito to 1:72 scale.

S1 E8 · Vampire

Young designer Tom attempts to create a new model of the British jet the Vampire.

S1 E9 · P2

The Hornby team race to complete a model of a brand new steam locomotive.

S1 E10 · Formula E

Hornby's Scalextric team plan to create a model of the Lamborghini Countach.