S1 E4 ∙

Lyndal, Tashanti, Gaz, and Faryn put their love lives in the hands of their family and friends. Lyndal swipes right and scores a date with Sascha.


Contains Strong Language

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S1 E1

28-year-old Faryn enlists the help of her mum and bestie to search for Mr Right.

S1 E2

30-year-old Ben, with the help of an old flatmate, goes on a date with Ness.

S1 E3

Three of Jason's friends join him on the couch in his search.

S1 E4

Lyndal swipes right and scores a date with Sascha.

S1 E5

Belinda is hitting the town with her hilarious BFF Diab backing her up.

S1 E6

Nikki manages to find a match and goes on her first date in six years.

S1 E7

Tashanti, Australia's pickiest single, prepares for a new date.

S1 E8

Faryn prepares to go on a second date.

S1 E9

After getting stood up last time, Belinda Joh's back for another crack at love.

S1 E10

Louisa has no problem getting matches online, but when it comes to dates, she falls short.