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S22 E1

Johnny's worlds threaten to collide when Tina moves into Walford on a permanent basis.

S22 E2

Keith is determined to make things up with Darren.

S22 E3

Johnny tries to be all things to all women.

S22 E4

It's crunch time for Tina and Johnny.

S22 E5

Johnny discovers the truth about Tina's flirtation.

S22 E6

It's an eventful night in Walford.

S22 E7

Johnny is furious at Tina's latest move.

S22 E8

Johnny makes Tina an offer she can't refuse.

S22 E9

Billy's world is rocked when a fugitive arrives in Albert Square.

S22 E10

Police swarm the Square as Billy tries to pull out all the stops for his unexpected guest.

S22 E11

Billy and Pat face police interrogation.

S22 E12

Chrissie holds a St George's Day celebration at the Vic.

S22 E13

Dot insists Jim get rid of his car.

S22 E14

Johnny struggles to tell Ruby about Tina - will he make the deadline?

S22 E15

Garry, Minty and Alfie go speed-dating.

S22 E16

Garry and Minty embark on a new regime to improve their pulling power.

S22 E17

Ian faces a dilemma when he realises how upset Pauline is.

S22 E18

Ian and Pauline begin their search for Rebecca's grandmother, behind Sonia's back.

S22 E19

Pauline meets her granddaughter and makes a life-changing decision.

S22 E20

Pauline tells Sonia she's seen Rebecca.

S22 E21

Martin puts his foot down about Rebecca but can Pauline let it lie?

S22 E22

Ruby's attempts to clear the air lead to a bewildering discovery about Tina and Johnny.

S22 E23

Ruby's world crumbles as she starts to unravel Tina and Johnny's lies.

S22 E24

Ruby confronts Johnny and faces her ultimate fear.

S22 E25

Derek's actions force Pauline into making a hard decision.

S22 E26

Ruby takes matters into her own hands.

S22 E27

As Ruby says her farewells, could Tina be returning?

S22 E28

Alfie arranges a date with Little Mo, at Minty and Garry's flat.

S22 E29

The Millers return to their old estate.

S22 E30

Billy thinks there's still a chance he'll get back with Little Mo.

S22 E31

Leo convinces Demi that they should run away and make a new life together.

S22 E32

Kat returns to the Square as Little Mo and Alfie decide to reveal their relationship.

S22 E33

Kat and Alfie talk through their problems.

S22 E34

Chrissie watches nervously as Zoe opens up to Kat in the Vic.

S22 E35

Alfie only has eyes for Little Mo at Kat's welcome home party.

S22 E36

Alfie feels pressurised to reconcile with Kat.

S22 E37

Pauline decides that Margaret isn't capable of looking after Rebecca.