S20 E44 ∙

Kate saves Dennis from a battering. Sharon makes a decision that will affect Vicki's future.


Contains Violence

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S20 E1

Barry devastates Pat by excluding her from Roy's funeral.

S20 E2

It's the day of Roy's funeral and Pat and Barry prepare themselves for it, by themselves.

S20 E3

Patrick leaves Paul and Eleanor alone.

S20 E4

Mrs Cowen is unable to give Sharon and Vicki any information about Dennis.

S20 E5

Pat finds herself strapped for cash.

S20 E6

Even though Barry has destroyed Pat's clothes she's retaliating.

S20 E7

Everyone is looking forward to Dot's church fundraising bingo night the The Vic.

S20 E8

Spencer strikes lucky with Kelly on his 18th birthday.

S20 E9

Sharon and Vicki meet jailbird Dennis at his mum's funeral.

S20 E10

Working for Peggy takes its toll on a grief-ridden Pat.

S20 E11

A bogus charity collector forces his way into Dot's and attacks her.

S20 E12

Jim gets the police involved after Dot's incident at home.

S20 E13

Dot lives in fear after being assaulted in her own home.

S20 E14

Phil can't bear to see Sam working for Ian.

S20 E15

Jim's worried about Dot's depression.

S20 E16

Ant stops a desperate Paul from running away with baby Ellie.

S20 E17

Ian undercuts Laura's prices and wins a catering contract.

S20 E18

Paul's gutted that baby Ellie has been taken away from him.

S20 E19

Dennis resents Phil's advice and thumps him.

S20 E20

Sharon makes Dennis and Phil shake hands - reluctantly.

S20 E21

Phil puts the frighteners on Ian.

S20 E22

Sonia gets a surprise on her first birthday without Jamie.

S20 E23

Kat and Dennis are all over each other.

S20 E24

Spencer flashes his new-found riches about.

S20 E25

The Moons reveal they're in trouble with Dalton.

S20 E26

Phil finds Kate working undercover at Dalton's club.

S20 E27

Kat discovers Alfie's been badly beaten up.

S20 E28

Dennis cancels his date with Kat, and then goes out with Joanne.

S20 E29

Dennis juggles Joanne and Kat.

S20 E30

Alfie's upset to see Kat and Dennis together.

S20 E31

Gus is asked to name his accomplices.

S20 E32

Can Phil and Kate put the past behind them?

S20 E33

Dennis gets deeper into trouble, as he covers for Vicki.

S20 E34

Dennis lies to Sharon and the police - but for different reasons!

S20 E35

Sharon learns that Vicki carried out the robbery - not Dennis.

S20 E36

Sharon blames Martin for involving Vicki in the robbery.

S20 E37

Kate's nervous about moving into Phil's.

S20 E38

Little Mo's furious that Billy killed a poor little mouse.

S20 E39

Dan Ferreira welcomes his guests to 'Graceland'.

S20 E40

Kate and Dennis have clearly met before.

S20 E41

Dennis shocks Sharon by kissing her.

S20 E42

Dennis invites himself back to Kate's for a drink.

S20 E43

Phil discovers Kate and Dennis in a compromising position.

S20 E44

Kate saves Dennis from a battering.

S20 E45

Vicki pretends that she's pregnant.

S20 E46

Ash threatens Martin with a battering.

S20 E47

Martin's blackmail career comes to an end.

S20 E48

Spencer makes Vicki an offer.

S20 E49

Lynne's worried about her marriage.

S20 E50

Kat gets sloshed and declares her love for Alfie.

S20 E51

Alfie spends all night searching for protection.

S20 E52

Alfie and Kat confess their true feelings.

S20 E53

Anthony's night on the tiles has dire consequences.

S20 E54

Vicki has no desire for motherhood.

S20 E55

Ant's in the clear but he questions his competence.

S20 E56

Vicki announces that she's had an abortion.

S20 E57

Alfie arranges a special night, but will Kat be there to enjoy it?

S20 E58

Alfie's joy is short-lived when he hears some news.

S20 E59

Kat and Alfie's date goes badly.

S20 E60

Patrick begs Ant not to throw his career away.

S20 E61

Dennis demands twenty grand from Jack Dalton.

S20 E62

Janine flirts with Barry for her own wicked ends.

S20 E63

Dalton gives Phil an impossible choice.

S20 E64

Dennis takes Jack Dalton for a drive.

S20 E65

Dennis and Phil gets their stories straight.

S20 E66

Garry's choice - his marriage or his baby?

S20 E67

Garry's with Laura as she has a baby boy.

S20 E68

Phil urges Dennis not to panic.

S20 E69

Laura doubts that Garry's the father after all.

S20 E70

Kat's furious about Garry's neglect of Lynne.

S20 E71

Joanne gets drunk and declares her love for Phil.

S20 E72

Andy puts pressure on Phil to grass up Dennis.

S20 E73

Andy lets Dennis off the hook for killing Dalton.

S20 E74

Will lan's actions help Laura come to a decision?

S20 E75

Little Mo hosts a sexy undies party.

S20 E76

Kat feels that her and Alfie have missed their chance.

S20 E77

Billy's gutted to realise that he's been fleeced.

S20 E78

Paul and Janine see their plans begin to disintegrate.

S20 E79

The Ferreiras' family wedding ends in chaos.

S20 E80

Ash and Dan are involved in a bruising confrontation at the Ferreiras' wedding.

S20 E81

Barry vows to keep in shape for Janine.

S20 E82

Lynne demands that Garry makes his choice.

S20 E83

Billy's left in charge of the club.

S20 E84

Nana's scatty behaviour alarms Alfie and Spencer.

S20 E85

Garry makes himself at home with Laura.

S20 E86

Martin's marijuana scam's rumbled, but Derek gets arrested.

S20 E87

Billy's upset by Phil and frightened by Andy.

S20 E88

Martin's terrified of returning to prison.

S20 E89

Paul saves Janine from the 'randy hippo'.

S20 E91

Kate's boozed-up dad is thumped by Billy.

S20 E92

A surprise guest turns up on Phil's wedding day.

S20 E93

Phil's convinced that Lisa intends to snatch Lou.

S20 E94

Alfie and Spencer start to fear the worst for Nana Moon.

S20 E95

Nana Moon takes drastic action following a visit from Dr Leroy.

S20 E96

Lisa's reunited with her daughter. Phil's suspicious.

S20 E97

Lisa contacts a hitman and then offers to do the job herself.

S20 E98

Yolande turns up at the B&B.

S20 E99

Phil has Dennis beaten up by some thugs.

S20 E101

Sharon doesn't want to hear Dennis's crazy theories.

S20 E102

Vicki investigates her dad's whereabouts.

S20 E103

Alfie's upset that Kat's going on holiday with Andy.

S20 E104

Dennis assures Sharon that Den's still alive.

S20 E105

Den returns after 14 years in hiding.

S20 E106

Sharon can't believe her dad's still alive.

S20 E107

Dennis shocks his dad by admitting that he killed Dalton.

S20 E108

Andy returns to settle an old vendetta.

S20 E109

Den shocks the Square by returning from the dead.

S20 E110

Sharon tries to heal the rift between the two families.

S20 E111

Lisa loads her gun and sets off to meet Phil.

S20 E112

Will Sharon be able to warn Phil about Lisa's plans in time?

S20 E113

Den promises Lisa that they'll get even with Phil.

S20 E114

Den Senior and Junior are a force to be reckoned with.

S20 E116

Alfie's gutted that Kat's engaged to Andy.

S20 E117

Gavin taunts Ash and Shirley with racist and sexist remarks.

S20 E118

Lisa's drunk again and pesters Den about Phil.

S20 E119

Lisa snogs Dennis and implores him to finish off Phil.

S20 E120

Den warns Lisa to stop shooting her mouth off.

S20 E121

Derek admits that he used to be married, and has two kids.

S20 E122

Den finds out that Tariq supplied Kelly with the drugs.

S20 E123

Lisa's world begins to crumble around her.

S20 E124

Den's concern for Lisa grows. Barry's offer stuns Janine.

S20 E125

Phil's furious to learn that Sam's been sacked, and vows revenge.

S20 E126

Phil plant drugs in the club and tips off the police.

S20 E127

Martin returns to the Square and ends up kissing Sonia!

S20 E128

Den swears to get even with Phil - but in his own time.

S20 E129

Alfie pays tribute to Kat, who still has feelings for him.

S20 E130

Kat confides in Nana that she still loves Alfie.

S20 E131

Reluctantly, Kat walks up the aisle with Andy.

S20 E132

Alfie causes a hullabaloo at the church.

S20 E134

Garry gets it on with Belinda in the Arches.

S20 E135

Victor offers Patrick fifteen grand to ditch Yolande.

S20 E136

Phil and Den get alarming news. Nana helps Alfie propose.

S20 E137

Dennis's wild behaviour throws Phil and Den together.

S20 E138

Phil copes with pressure from Lisa and Kate.

S20 E139

Phil and Den's robbery goes horribly wrong - for Phil.

S20 E140

Phil sits alone in his cell, realising he's lost everything.

S20 E141

Phil pleads with Sam to fight for the Mitchell name.

S20 E142

Sam is put in charge of the Mitchell family businesses.

S20 E143

Den and Dennis hatch a plan to convince Kate that Phil's guilty.

S20 E145

Derek's excited about meeting his daughter.

S20 E146

Little Mo's in her element running the bar at the Vic.

S20 E147

Little Mo's been raped by Graham.

S20 E148

Little Mo hasn't reported her rape and can't face work.

S20 E149

Dan flies into a rage with Ash and throws him out on to the street.

S20 E150

Little Mo and Billy go to the police and report her rape.

S20 E151

Billy's struggling to come to terms with Little Mo's rape.

S20 E152

Den's plans for a quiet family Christmas are shattered.

S20 E153

Sharon warns Den that no-one will be safe when Phil comes for them.

S20 E154

Ash puts his family first and returns home to protect them.

S20 E155

Alfie's handcuffed to the bed and he still hasn't got his divorce papers through!

S20 E156

It's Kat and Alfie's big day, but Alfie still hasn't got his divorce sorted.

S20 E157

Alfie's in luck when his solicitor turns up with the papers.

S20 E158

Derek's son forgives him and he's introduced to his grandson.

S20 E159

Janine's fuming when Barry calls off the wedding and leaves for Scotland.

S20 E160

Tragedy strikes when the bus carrying the Walford teens up to Scotland crashes.

S20 E162

Janine confesses all to Barry, with devastating consequences.

S20 E163

Barry's body is found and Janine struggles to prove she didn't push him off the cliff.

S20 E164

Little Mo learns that she's pregnant.

S20 E165

Billy forces Little Mo to make a momentous decision.

S20 E166

Billy's actions put Little Mo in a tricky position.

S20 E167

The Slaters try to cope with Little Mo's devastating news.

S20 E168

Charlie faces the repercussions of beating Graham up.

S20 E169

Charlie is charged and Sam takes extreme action.

S20 E170

Billy decides to prove himself a Mitchell. Gus turns mediator.

S20 E171

Billy starts a fire in Angie's Den. Unfortunately, Vicki's in the cellar.

S20 E172

A horrified Sharon finds herself accused of arson.

S20 E173

Pauline and Dot twig that Little Mo's pregnant.

S20 E174

Little Mo's forced to choose between Billy and her baby.

S20 E175

Sam seeks support from an unexpected source.

S20 E176

Ricky moves in with Janine. Sam offers Andy a refuge.

S20 E177

Pat grows increasingly suspicious of Janine.

S20 E178

Ricky attempts to prise the truth from Janine.

S20 E179

Ronny's rushed to hospital after being stabbed in a fight.

S20 E180

The Ferreiras begin to panic as time runs out for Ronny.

S20 E181

Ricky severs his ties with Janine.

S20 E182

Ash, Adi and Kareena are shocked by Tariq's claim that he's their half-brother.

S20 E183

Charlie refuses to show any remorse for his attack on Graham, as he awaits sentencing.

S20 E184

Tariq's shocked when he learns the risks involved in donating his kidney to Ronny.

S20 E185

Kareena's incensed to hear that Tariq's having second thoughts about organ donation.

S20 E186

Kareena's delighted that Ronny's woken up.

S20 E187

Love is in the air at the Valentine's Ball.

S20 E188

Sharon desperately tries to get her family back to normal and books a family holiday.

S20 E189

Sharon faces up to her feelings about Dennis.

S20 E190

Vicki gets the shock of her life.

S20 E191

Paul bursts Patrick and Yolande's bubble.

S20 E192

Sam has shattering news for Laura.

S20 E193

Tariq's fears get the better of him as Patrick and Yolande reach a decision about JJ.

S20 E194

Tariq remains defiant about not going through with the kidney transplant.

S20 E195

The Ferreiras brace themselves for news of Ronny and Tariq.

S20 E196

Laura faces the real cost of getting money out of Ian.

S20 E197

Adi's outraged that Kareena, Ash and Ronny have asked Tariq to come and live with them.

S20 E198

Alfie's shocked when Nana turns up to his birthday party with a mystery man.

S20 E199

Alfie doesn't trust Nana's fiance and accuses him of only being interested in money.

S20 E200

Vicki gets drunk and runs riot in the Square with Spencer.

S20 E201

Ash is tempted by Vicki's combination of gambling and flirtation

S20 E202

Vicki arranges a nasty shock for Sharon and Dennis's return.

S20 E203

Vicki issues a final ultimatum. Pat's discovery shocks Natalie.

S20 E204

Janine's convinced that Paul's new relationship is going to spell trouble for both of them.

S20 E205

Natalie probes Paul for the truth and he reveals his role in Janine's wicked plan.

S20 E206

Dennis feels put out that he can't show his affections for Sharon in public.

S20 E207

The police quiz Janine on the circumstances surrounding Barry's death.

S20 E208

Janine pushes Paul too far and he can't contain his rage.

S20 E209

Alfie persuades Kat that lying to Charlie will be better in the long run.

S20 E210

Charlie's released from prison, but his joy at being free soon turns to anger.

S20 E211

Adi feels betrayed after making a shocking discovery about Dan.

S20 E212

Pauline fumes at Dennis and makes sure that Den knows what's been going on.

S20 E213

Den confronts Sharon over her relationship with Dennis.

S20 E214

Father and son go head to head in the Vic. Who will win the battle?

S20 E215

Cast out by the Watts family, Dennis agrees to a job offer from Andy.