S8 E1 ∙ Cat In Hell ∙

Dr Karen Goodliffe gets off to a bad start with her new colleagues, and Ash feels resentment towards Ken for getting the post that he felt he deserved.


Contains Mature Themes

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S8 E3 · The Final Word

A woman is brought in claiming to have been mugged, but it emerges that she is concealing something.

S8 E7 · Kill or Cure

Jon Rowden takes up a high-risk sport to try and improve his esteem, and a male stripper gets a hot reception.

S8 E8 · Born Losers

Billy and Darren unwittingly steal some insulin, and a woman is treated for a calcified foetus.

S8 E9 · High Roller

A young girl causes a stir regarding the running of the department, and a grudge match causes problems.

S8 E10 · Deceptions

Harriet fears that she may have breast cancer and breaks off her engagement, and a new locum arrives.

S8 E13 · The Good Life

Duffy's last shift in A and E includes a cot death and the cases of a New Age traveller and an immigrant.

S8 E14 · Out To Lunch

Christmas is fast approaching in Holby as the staff deal with managerial skulduggery and an unusual bee sting.

S8 E15 · Comfort and Joy

The after-Christmas lull is forgotten with the arrival of a team of firefighters and a newly-blind woman.

S8 E18 · Tippers

A lorry carrying toxic waste overturns, and a returning soldier's anger explodes when his wife is not at home.

S8 E19 · Value For Money

An ex-football coach is brought in with circulatory problems due to smoking, and Mary seeks Charlie's advice.

S8 E22 · Relations

A patient who has lost his hand in a factory accident is treated, and a policeman's son becomes a bully.

S8 E23 · Grand Rational

Charlie feels let down by an announcement, and an accident on a dry ski slope causes a confrontation.

S8 E24 · Hidden Agendas

Charlie wants to resign from Holby on his 40th birthday, and a blind bride-to-be recovers her sight.