S2 E6 ∙

Officers prepare to transfer two members of a cartel. In Laredo, a cop from Caracas, Venezuela, pleads his case for asylum in the United States.

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S2 E1

At the Columbia Solidarity officers are suspicious about the contents of two bags of sweets.

S2 E2

A 12-year-old boy turns up at one of the bridges on his own.

S2 E3

Officers are on the lookout for people trying to smuggle prescription pills.

S2 E4

An x-ray reveals suspicious packages hidden inside the tyres of a pick-up truck.

S2 E5

Officers discover 3,000lb of marijuana hidden in a cargo truck.

S2 E6

A cop from Venezuela pleads his case for asylum in the United States.

S2 E7

An American couple are caught smuggling methamphetamine.

S2 E8

A suspected drug dealer is caught smuggling pills in his underpants.

S2 E9

More than 100 boxes full of drugs are discovered inside a vehicle.

S2 E10

A man kidnapped and beaten by a Mexican drug cartel flees across the bridge into America.