S1 E7 ∙

Customs and Border Protection officers are stunned when they discover more than $2million of cocaine mixed in with gallons of household paint and bottles of beer.

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S1 E1

Officers are on alert for a cartel ambush as they transfer a Sicario to Mexico.

S1 E2

Heroin disguised as a laptop baffles the most advanced drug detection device.

S1 E3

An elderly couple arrive from Mexico with five suitcases but no clothes.

S1 E4

An innocent pedestrian gets more than he bargains for when he's mistaken for a wanted man.

S1 E5

Officers in Brownsville process a US citizen who crossed over the Rio Grande 20 years ago.

S1 E6

In Hidalgo, a woman from Cuba crosses the bridge in the hope of being granted political asylum in America.

S1 E7

Officers are stunned when they discover more than $2million of cocaine.

S1 E8

Officials discover ammunition being smuggled into Mexico.

S1 E9

A new recruit fresh out of training school uncovers 12kg of cocaine.

S1 E10

A Mexican woman asks officers for protection.