S1 E5 ∙

More stories from the glam side of garbage! This episode features a skip yard boss who tests his daughter's HGV driving skills to see if she could be his successor.

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S1 E1

At a London skip yard, Ian has piles of rubbish to move.

S1 E2

In Buckinghamshire, one stubborn job leaves two employees constipated.

S1 E3

At the Leamington Spa tip, re-use shop manager Graham holds an auction for unwanted goods.

S1 E4

In a bid to improve business, skip boss Andy installs some new software for his company.

S1 E5

Harriett's father, a skip yard boss, tests her to see if she could be his successor.

S1 E6

Skip yard sales manager Danny has a raunchy idea to promote his company.