S2 E1 ∙

Behind the scenes of a car auction business. A near-perfect 50s Chevy panel van and a very desirable low-mileage 80s Brooklands Capri tempt auctioneer Derek out of Yorkshire.

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S2 E1

A panel van and a Capri tempt auctioneer Derek out of Yorkshire.

S2 E2

The team struggles to explain how a DAF 33 gearbox works.

S2 E3

Derek struggles to get his message across on a rare trip abroad.

S2 E4

Dave finds a very rare 70s Sunbeam Lotus that has been rotting away in a farmyard.

S2 E5

A delightful collection of British classics comes up for auction, including an Austin A35.

S2 E6

Three MGs from the 70s turn up at the garage, still covered in original factory wax.

S2 E7

A trio of rare and beautiful Alvises get the auction buyers going when they come under the hammer.

S2 E8

Dave gets a nasty surprise when he opens the bonnet of a fast Ford from the 80's.

S2 E9

A lovely 350cc Douglas Mark V motorbike from 1950 goes under the hammer.

S2 E10

Four VW camper vans pitch up at the auction house looking for a new home.